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What are the needles like?

Acupuncture needles are much thinner than the conventional needles used for injections. The shaft is flexible and very thin, about as thick as a hair. In my practice, I use the finest quality, pre-sterilized, and disposable needles.

Upon needle insertion you may feel a slight prick, or nothing at all. The variety of sensations you may feel upon contact between the needle and your qi, or vital energy, can be described as tickling, warm breeze or dull ache. The feelings vary greatly among patients and with each day; they also depend on the acupuncture point treated. However, uncomfortable sensations pass almost immediately.


Can acupuncture be used together with conventional medicine?

5 Elements Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, including conventional medicine. It can enhance the treatment's effectiveness, alleviate side effects, speed up the healing process, and support the patient's emotional, mental, and spiritual state needed for recovery.


How quickly can I expect results?

Since each person is unique, the time needed for recovery varies greatly among patients. It also depends on the condition, and how long it had been in the system. Some patients notice improvements immediately, others need a longer time to experience perceptible changes. Five Element Acupuncture re-balances the body’s energies which often result in additional changes, such as sleep improvement, higher energy level, and more enthusiasm for life.


How frequently should I go in for treatment?

The frequency of treatment depends on the individual's response to treatment as well as the patient's needs. Older conditions might need weekly treatment for an extended period of time. Once a balance is achieved, the treatments are usually spaced out 2-3 weeks apart, and then once a month. Seasonal treatments are recommended in order to maintain the balance of the body’s energies.


How do I prepare for treatment?

It is recommended to not drink coffee or alcohol immediately before and after the treatment. You should also not work out or engage in stressful activities following acupuncture session, so energy is allowed to settle into your system.

Also, please do not wear fragrances when coming in for your treatment.


Why does acupuncture work?

Studies have shown that acupuncture raises the cerebrospinal fluid levels of enkephalins and endorphins. These are the body’s natural opiates, responsible for producing analgesia and a feeling of well-being.  During treatment, most patients report a deep feeling of relaxation, which is extremely important in the process of healing.

Acupuncture also balances the autonomic nervous system, which regulates bodily functions that are not under our conscious control, such as heartbeat or intestinal movement.

Other studies have shown that acupuncture affects the circulatory system and enables the blood vessels to constrict and dilate. This influences the healing process by affecting the exchange of nutrients and the elimination of waste products. 

What is 5 Elements Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest systems of healing developed in China about 5,000 years ago and is based on the theory that there is a Life Force called Ch’i Energy flowing through everything in nature. In the human bodies this energy flows along specific pathways called meridians. When the flow is harmonious and balanced, one is healthy. When the flow is disrupted, one becomes ill. Acupuncture through the use of needles can affect the quality of Ch’I energy and help a person regain harmony.

5 Elements Acupuncture appeared around 200BC and is based on the observations of nature, natural laws and how these laws work in people. According to these observations there are five elements ever present in Nature, as well as in the human body: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of the Elements represents a distinct “quality” of the Ch’i energy as it cycles through nature and the seasons, and through our own lives.

These elements interrelate by creating, nourishing and controlling each other in order to maintain balance and life. When one of these elements gets into distress it will create disharmony along the cycle and  we may feel a reduced sense of well-being, and we may develop various symptoms. Symptoms can and do show up at any level- not just in our body, but also in our mind, in our emotions or in our spirit.

The main principles behind 5 Elements Acupuncture are:

  • it focuses on identifying the element in distress and by taking care of that element, the flow of the energy is reestablished and we feel healthy, nourished and fully alive.

  • treats the cause of the symptoms rather than the symptoms.

  • helps people to move back into harmony within themselves, their emotions and their life as a whole.



Natural Way of Healing (the undesirable side effects of drugs are completely eliminated).

Preventative medicine (maintains the health by sustaining the free flow of energy; cleanses the polluted energy).

Addresses a wide range of clinical disorders:

  • Gastrointestinal (IBS,  indigestion, chronic constipation)

  • Respiratory (allergies, asthma, sinusitis)

  • Gynecological  (PMS,  infertility)

  • Circulatory

  • Psychological (depression, anxiety)

  • Neurological (migraine, headaches, insomnia)

  • Skin conditions

  • Chronic and acute pain, arthritis, sciatica

  • Stress-related disorders (anorexia, overeating)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Faster recovery after injuries 

  • Addiction recovery from alcohol,  nicotine, and drugs

I have heard that Acupuncture is good for pain. Is it good for anything else?

Yes, see Benefits. Acupuncture is not a miracle cure. It cannot, by itself, cure diabetes or cancer, for example. If you break a leg, you first have to go for emergency medical care, and then come in for acupuncture pain treatment and to speed up healing.

Acupuncture is, on the other hand, an extremely effective, drug free, and non-surgical treatment alleviating the serious side effects of:

  • Cancer treatments

  • Hormone replacement therapies for autoimmune diseases

  • Post-operative pain

  • PMS and Menopause symptoms. 

Acupuncture is also effective in balancing the body's systems and promoting good health and a feeling of well-being as well as in treating emotional disorders such as phobias, grief and anger. 

Is acupuncture covered by medical insurance?

Yes. See: Insurance coverage.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. See Gift certificates.

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