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Five Elements Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a wonderful healing system, a science and an art, which works by affecting the quality of energy that flows throughout the body on specific channels.

Five Elements Acupuncture is a unique style of acupuncture that takes into consideration the entire human being, in body, mind and spirit, and its relationships with all the nature around.

Five Elements Acupuncture correlates the symptoms with all aspects of life of which we might not be aware of. For example: insomnia can be the cause of too much  thinking or worrying. More often than not the symptoms are a cry for help generated from physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Physical trauma (from surgery, accidents, abuse) or emotional trauma (from loss, sexual abuse, financial difficulties, etc) can stop the flow of energy through the body as well as give rise to unhealthy emotions which obstruct the spirit, leading in the end to uncomfortable symptoms and ultimately to illness.

Five Elements Acupuncture uses specific treatment protocols to clear obstructions in the energy flow, to build up the body's energy and to restore mental and emotional stability.

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Acupuncure session at Inner Harmony in the Ballard office in Seattle
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