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Sound Healing Therapy

Sound has been utilized for thousands of years in various cultures as a tool for healing and consciousness transformation.

Sounds are vibrations, like our entire universe, and the sound produced by the Tibetan Singing Bowls resonates with every single cell in the human body allowing them to return to their natural state of vibration.

Sound also changes the brain waves shifting them from beta state (normal walking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness) and even theta (meditative state) or delta (deep sleep). It is in these states of deep relaxation that the body's healing mechanisms are triggered.

Science now is documenting what the mystics have known forever: sound can alleviate many maladies, from pain, to headaches, anxiety, depression, misaligned vertebrae and even cancer!

Individual Session

In this session the patient lies down and the bowls are placed either close to the body or on the body and are then played by striking or rubbing. The vibrations penetrate deep into the body and every cell is re-tuned to a harmonious frequency.

Different protocols are used for: relaxation, chakra clearing and balancing, stress, anxiety, pain, warm water therapy, etc. depending on the patient needs.

Group Session - Sound Bath

A sound bath is an improvised concert of sound and vibrations created by Tibetan Singing bowls and chimes and it is played with the intent to achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Participants either sit in a chair or lie down on the floor.

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