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Ioana Todoran Licensed Acupuncturist | Ballard | Seattle

Ioana Todoran is licensed as Diplomate of Acupuncture by NCCAOM and as an East Asian Medicine Practitioner by WA State Department of Health. She graduated a 3.5 years program at Wu Hsing Tao School of Five Element Acupuncture & Psychology

Ioana is also certified as an Acupuncture Detox Specialist by NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association).

Before dedicating to acupuncture she graduated (B.Sc.) the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest Romania and practiced as a pharmacist for 6 years.

As a pharmacist she was committed to offer superior patient care. Even though she was trained in conventional drug therapy Ioana was open to other treatment modalities and she broaden her expertise by studying homeopathy for one year. Ioana also holds a Homeopathy diploma from the French Institute of Boiron. She has included homeopathy in her life ever since. 

Personal health issues which couldn’t be treated with conventional medicine brought her in contact with Reiki and acupuncture. This experience determined her to choose the path of natural healing and embarked on the journey of studying the art of acupuncture and becoming a healing practitioner herself.

Graduating from the acupuncture school and getting her national and state license, did not mean the end of her training.

She was particularly fascinated by the effects of the sound and vibration on the human body so she first studied the art of healing with tuning forks and later with Tibetan singing bowls under the guidance of Tibetan Master Suren Shresta.

She also completed the Craniosacral Therapy Program offered by Bastyr University and advanced training classes with Etienne Piersman and Einat Arian.

She continues to take care of her own inner harmony with regular acupuncture treatments as well as daily practices of Reiki, Tai-Qi, Qi-Gong, or meditation.

I love what I do and I am committed to helping you regain your state of well-being.

I take my time with you. I treat one patient at a time so that I devote my attention to you during your visit.

At each treatment I re-evaluate your condition and create a treatment protocol which meets your needs. 


I focus on treating patients as a whole, body, mind and spirit, and on helping them reconnect with the deepest aspects of their being and with the universal energies.  In my practice I work with:

  • people of any age and gender

  • people with any kind of body, mind, or spirit health issues that limit their quality of life

  • people who want natural ways of healing, without the adverse reaction of drugs

  • people for whom conventional medicine proved ineffective

  • people who are under western medication but want to reduce the dosage and minimize the side effects

  • people who want to optimize their health

  • people who wants to use their illness as a way of transformation in their lives, by understanding the cause of their illness and eliminating that cause from their lives. 

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