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What Makes 5 Elements Acupuncture Unique and Successful

What makes 5Elements Acupuncture unique and successful is its individualization and invitation to self-awareness.

In the 5 Elements Acupuncture approach the practitioner takes time to listen, listen to what is beneath the words expressing the symptoms. The goal is not to only treat the symptoms but to treat the root cause of the symptoms and bring the body/mind/spirit unit back into balance and harmony.

Two people with the same symptoms or allopathic medical label will be receiving different treatments in a 5 Elements Acupuncture practitioner's office. Why? Because each person has her own unique energetic signature and particular way of expressing symptoms.

A 5 Elements Acupuncture practitioner wants to know your symptoms as well as all aspects of your life, who you are and what needs do you have at the core of your being. Is this person laughing really happy? or the laughter masks fear or grief? Is this patient's insomnia affected by full moon, is it caused by worry or too many ideas going on in their mind or by having too many projects going on? Is this person anxious because of fear or inability to open up to affection?

Many times the symptoms are related to aspects of life we are not aware of, buried or suppressed emotions, or old physical and emotional injuries we forgot of. Physical symptoms are often a cry for help generated from the mental and spiritual imbalances.

A 5 Elements Acupuncture practitioner uses her senses, her wisdom and intuition to perceive the deep needs of the patient at the level of the body but also mind and spirit. She will then choose the acupuncture points which help address those needs. Each acupuncture point has specific functions at the physical level as well as the mental and the emotional level. Activating these points will send a message to the life force, to our inner intelligent force which supports the healing capacity of the body.

What makes 5 Elements Acupuncture successful are its tools:

- Specific treatment protocols to release physical trauma from surgery, accidents, physical abuse...

- Specific treatment protocols to release emotional trauma from physical, sexual or psychological abuse, loss of loved ones, divorce, financial losses, victims of war...

- Holistic approach to treating the individual based on their constitutional type, directly addressing the spirit and restoring emotional balance and wellness.

- The talk-therapy aspect of this medicine. A 5 Elements Acupuncture practitioner will take time to hear the patients, discuss what is and what is not working in their lives, cultivating self-awareness during the treatment process, and offering emotional support.

It is common with this treatment that the patient will notice inner changes before noticing a change in the physical symptoms: a sense of overall being, more joy, being less prone to frustration or procrastination, feeling inspired, an increase in creativity, or being more resilient.

Cure happens from inside out and 5 Elements Acupuncture invites you to be aware of yourself and grow during the treatment process. True healing is a journey which require patience and a 5 Elements Acupuncture practitioner is a facilitator on this journey toward optimal health.

Simple: acupuncture is effective!

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