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Breathwork: a journey of heart opening, self-discovery and healing!

Various breathing patterns and techniques have been used since ancient times in Eastern spiritual practices such as yoga, Tai-Chi, Buddhism or Sufism to increase energy, expand lung capacity, focus attention or meditation. The use of breath has since evolved into a modern healing therapy practice known as “breathwork”.

Breathwork combines a conscious, accelerated breathing pattern with evocative music which allows the breather to enter an expanded or non-ordinary state of consciousness. Elective bodywork, affirmations and integration using drawing or sharing the experience can be added to the process. The breathwork can induce changes on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

When we consciously breathe, we connect with deeper, unconscious parts of ourselves and this connection will illicit the release of old patterns, unwanted behaviors, negative energy or past trauma.

Breathwork takes us on a journey of emotional release and deep healing. It opens a door to introspection and self-discovery, accessing our innate wisdom and transformation power. It allows us to move to a greater sense of self-love, gratitude and acceptance.

Conscious breathing has the power and potential to heal the body and mind, transform the quality of our lives and keep us grounded as we navigate through the challenges and changes of life.

Benefits of breathwork are: deep relaxation, release of stress or anxiety, increase of energy, better sleep, resolve of psychological and existential life issues, happier state of being.

Each breathwork session is a unique experience which brings about a higher level of awareness with impact on health, personal development and spiritual empowerment.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

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